February 19, 2019
08:42 AM
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Program Information

What does one look for in a Traffic Program?

There are a LOT of Traffic Programs available to you today. It would be impossible for you to surf them all every day, so you need to pick only a few that offer you the most benefits for your time. We offer you FREE rotating banner impressions & text impressions which will show up on the surfing frame as long as you are an active member with credits available! Earn a percentage of your downline referrals credits. Free basic members earn on 2 levels deep. Gold members earn on 5 levels deep. Platinum earn 10 levels deep. Mail to your downline once per week using our internal mailing system. Earn commissions on first level upgrades & purchases, basic free members earn 5% gold members earn 10% and platinum members earn 25%. These are just a few of the many benefits of being a member!

Free Membership

We are Currently offering Free Members a 1:1 ratio for the sites they view. This means if you view 1 site, YOUR site will be displayed to other members once as a free member. We even throw in 100 Free Credits when you join and another 100 Free Credits for anyone you happen to refer to the program that decides to join.

Upgraded Membership

If you decide you would like to Upgrade your account, you will receive some additional benefits.

Gold Upgraded Members receive a 1:2 ratio for the Sites they visit (2 credits for every visit)

Upgraded Member are randomly selected when someone joins the site because they found their way here via a Search Engine or non-active Member link. This means you would be receiving free 'referral' credits + a percentage of all the sites they visit.

Upgraded Members are invited to submit a 'banner' and url that we will rotate on the top of most every page for as long as they remain an upgraded member.

Upgraded Members also receive a percentage of all the surfing that is done by referrals to 5 levels (Free only earn to 2 levels).

Upgraded Members do not have to remain at a Site for as long as Free Members so they actually earn credits faster. We have a Platinum Upgrade Membership for even greater benefits!

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